See how our garden grows

Sunday… sunny…overcast CornwallWe’re home, seen almost all the family, had lunch with family on Friday and Clive’s nephew and family from Eastbourne. 

Clive had to cut a few bits as we couldn’t get to the shed 

The interviews with Hazel went well, Clare did the photos.

It was more like a photo shoot for me as she had me on the roof of the boat doing various things, then hanging off the side, I’m not good at having pics done but Clare had me laughing so one should be ok.

Clive of course was taken with Daymer sitting on the stern steps and at the table.

Don’t know when they will be posted on the Bible Society’s Facebook page and Twitter but Clive has liked the page so he will get up dates.

Very interesting that an elderly lady who was interviewed had over 3000 likes.

Looking back at our journey has been interesting

Clive’s favourite was the River Avon, mine the Shropshire canal.
We started on the 

1.K&A canal

2. Thames

3. Oxford canal

4. Coventry canal, The Birmingham and Fazeley canal came at some point near here

5. Trent and Mersey canal

6. Macclesfield canal

7. Peak Forest canal

8. Ashton canal

This is the point where we started our return journey

9. Rochdale canal

10. Bridgewater canal

11. Shropshire canal

12. Staffs and Worcs canal

13. River Severn

14. River Avon

15. Stratford canal

16. Grand Union canal (Grandcanunion)

17. Oxford canal

18. Upper Thames

19. Middle Thames

20. K & A canal

For the near future we’re planning on a few local trips and we will use the boat as a stop off when going to family events in August and September.

I think Clive’s plan is to go east next year


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